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Welcome to the website of Street Angels Maidenhead (SAM). We are a Christian-run charity whose main aim is to be of assistance to those who are part of the night economy of Maidenhead.


The project involves volunteers from all the churches of Maidenhead, whether they are part of a street team members, supporting logistically, praying for SAM and its activities, or supporting financially as a member of the charity.


If you have met us on the streets and would like to say how you are, or would like to know more about Street Angels Maidenhead, then please contact us.


our Street Teams go out every Saturday night from 10.45pm - 01.30am (and sometimes a little later) and also the last Friday of the month. We are in Maidenhead town center giving help to those who are on the streets at night.


This can mean anything from assisting someone who has become separated from their friends and has no means of getting home, to helping people who are suffering from the effects of alcohol and are at risk. We also offer a friendly presence and a listening ear to anyone who needs that, and are happy to pray with anyone who asks.


We are not affiliated with any of the law enforcement agencies in the town, although we do have the backing of the police and RBWM, and we are able to communicate with them in order to render assistance in an emergency situation. We are grateful to Churches Together in Maidenhead for their support and encouragement.


We are always happy to welcome new volunteers and members of the charity, so please find out how to be involved in SAM.

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